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Friends Only~

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Open House

My fiancé and I just moved into our own place together and this is a silly story of my girls arriving to the apartment.

Mina: Nnnn…

(more below the cut!)Collapse )

NaNoWriMo 2010!

Hehe, I have been waiting for this incentive to write on my story, and here it is! Like I said in my first post for my NaNo story, I'm starting late but I've already got around 5K words written. Having said that, I won't be posting all 5K in one go, I'm going to do a bit of each chapter at a time until I get caught up, and then post whatever I write for each day. I need to post at least 1700 words a day to make it to the 50K mark, but I am going to be an over-achiever and make my personal goal 2K words a day. Oh god. XD

Except on Fridays. I work all day Fridays... D<
Anyways, I've got an awesome tag thinger set up so anyone who is interested can read my story entries. :>

Also, this is the first creative writing I've ever done in my life. EVER. So I apologize for its suckage. This storyline was born when I was a wee freshie in high school. XD

Cookies, pt. 2

Continued from here.

You can read all my previous photostories here.

Emmy: Where do babies come from?
Mina: Huh?
~~~~~~Collapse )

Cookies pt.1

Coraline: …and I don’t even know when he’ll be back… I miss him so much…
Mina: Mmm, everything will be alright, yo—
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Collapse )


I haz pikturz!!!
But I'm too lazy to type up another post here, you can go lookit thems on mah flickr. ;D


MINA'S BODY SHIPPED TODAY!!!11!!!1kixdfhbldzfhjblzdf hlazdfi hzdf



my egg has two yolks! TWINZ!

Tagged yet again! >

This time Mina was tagged! I'm not gonna tag anymore people because I used them all up tagging for Ember haha.

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back!

1. Mina is the embodiment of the sin Gluttony.

2. Her best friend is Piper.

3. She loves sweets, especially cupcakes.

4. She is half Danish, half Scottish/Irish.

5. She has an older step-brother and a younger half-sister. Her step-brother is full Japanese and her half-sister is Half Japanese, half Scottish/Irish.

6. She hates her sister with every fiber of her being.

7. She loves to design clothes and wants to be a famous fashion designer.

8. Her least favorite subject is Literature and her favorite subject is Math.

9. She is fluent is Danish, English, and Japanese.

10. She is my only hybridized doll. :)